A propos du CV Center

A team of over 100 digital nomads - led by James Innes - we are CV and resume writers, interview coaches, career coaches, privacy experts, designers, coders and customer experience specialists.

Qui sommes-nous?

Le CV Center est la société de CV la plus populaire en Europe. Nous sommes spécialisés dans la rédaction de CV et de profil LinkedIn/Viadeo. Nos CV sont minutieusement personnalisés pour avoir le plus d’impact possible sur les employeurs potentiels. La dernière chose que nous voulons c’est vous fournir un CV classique et sans intérêt. Notre équipe de consultants a une large gamme d’expérience dans le recrutement et le management, nous permettant de vous offrir le meilleur niveau.James Innes Group - we focus on Belgium's job market and hiring practices in particular; specialising in a range of personal branding and career services - primarily professional CV and resume writing but also LinkedIn Profile makeovers and cover letter writing. Our next line of services aims at securing you an interview with our team filling in and completing application forms and writing up personal statements for you. Once that all-important interview is secured you could also take advantage of our one-on-one interview coaching packages with one of our expert interview coaches.

Quel est notre objectif?

Aider nos clients à avoir un bon CV qui peut leur faire gagner un entretien, et donc qui peut leur faire obtenir le travail qu’ils veulent – le travail qu’ils méritent. Maintenir le plus haut niveau de service et s’efforcer d’avoir 100% de clients satisfaits. Ecouter nos clients, leur répondre, et s’adapter à leurs demandes.

Changing Lives, Changing the World

Meet The Team
Meet The Team

Quelle expérience avons-nous?

The group brings together an international team of employment consultants, each with many years' experience in their respective fields - as Personnel and HR Managers, Recruitment Consultants, Outplacement Strategists, etc. As the most popular CV writing service, we have, over the years, been featured in most of the national newspapers as well as numerous magazines and, in addition to regular participation in a variety of recruitment fairs as guest speakers, etc., we have also been the subject of a variety of television and radio broadcasts. Our founder, James Innes, is considered to be one of the world's leading careers experts. He is the author of numerous best-selling careers books.

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Our CV Writers, Resume Writers and Interview Coaches

Our CVs and resumes are carefully crafted adopting the most personalised approach possible aiming at having the strongest possible appeal to potential employers, rather than being just an uninspiring typed summary of an individual's basic information. Our team of over 100 consultants each with many years' experience in their respective fields - as Personnel and HR Managers, Recruitment Consultants, Outplacement Strategists, etc, enables us to write professional CVs and resumes of the highest standards.

Qui sont nos clients?

Nous offrons nos services à tout le monde; ça peut aller du jeune diplômé recherchant un emploi pour débuter une carrière prometteuse à ceux voulant un changement de carrière ou encore ceux souhaitant une promotion.